Hand Printed Linen Door Stop. Design: Thin Stripes

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100% linen door stops to keep those doors safe from slamming. Available in a range of contemporary designs to compliment your home.

The linen fabric is designed and hand printed in the Smitten Studio and then our products are manufactured locally. We take pride in each step of the process and know our makers personally.

The doorstop is filled with flax seeds and dried lavender flowers, both grown in NZ. Flaxseed is a crop that has been grown for hundreds of years for both its seeds and its fibre, which is used to make linen.

Not to be confused with New Zealand native flax, flaxseed (also known as linseed) is a slender annual plant which is harvested during late summer/early autumn; the capsule containing the seeds shatters, releasing them when they’re perfectly ripe. The plant really loves CO2, which is one of the reasons we believe it makes for a better fill than sand or gravel.

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